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  • BehaviorSynK™ – Geo – Framing for mobile ad ID’s (MAIDs), Location Pixel for websites, AI driven, hyper-focused, location based, psychographic, demographic ACTUAL human behavior. Connected behavior online and in the real world. BehaviorSynK™ enables you to observe, understand and activate a depth of actionable human intelligence.


  • What is BehaviorSynK? BehaviorSynK is investment grade data. El Toro’s & Propertys patented human behavior data combined at scale and speed through artificial intelligence with best-in-class 3rd party data sources for demographic and psychographic insights resolved at a 95% confidence interval at a household level across the US. BehaviorSynK is actual foot traffic data that informs where customers shop, travel and live inside a store and it’s competitors.


  • Overview BehaviorSynK™: Competitors offer demographics, data and insights in infinite variability for individuals and households. Are these actual observed human behavior? Or, are these demographics, data and insights modelled behavior (i.e. Algorithm)?Are these modelled demographics accurate enough to inform investment decisions, or enable targeted advertising? Only you can decide.BehaviorSynK™ is the solution that enables you to observe human behavior and THEN apply psychographic and demographics to enable unparallelled accurate decisioning in a privacy complaint, ethical use way.


  • Where/How do I use BehaviorSynK? Organizations use BehaviorSynK across division silos to solve complex problems collaboratively with human behavior (i.e. customers) at the center of the solution.  BehaviorSynK removes siloed data as an organizational challenge.  As a result, the company’s strategy is aligned.  Understand where customers shop beyond your locations.


  • What type of organizations use BehaviorSynK? $50M plus annual revenue organizations with multiple locations that prioritize accuracy and speed of intelligence, in a privacy compliant environment


  • Can you give examples of how BehaviorSynK is activated?
  • Operations – alerts to changes in foot traffic by location.  IP Targeting for surveys of recent customer visits
  • Finance/Strategic Planning – geography based pricing.
  • Marketing – lookalike audiences for IP targeting to Top 10 zip codes based on actual foot traffic.
  • HR – demographic reports of employees and competitors’ employees, Targeting digital recruiting based on competitor data
  • Real Estate – new location prioritization based on demographics of top performing existing locations


  • Use Cases: BehaviorSynK™
    • Customer Intelligence: Observe your customers travel patterns beyond the property. Where are potential customers travelling from? Where and when do they come to your property? Where do they reside and where did they move from (City, State, Location)? Observe customers visiting your website even when they don’t log in. Where do they reside? Does this inform future real estate investment?  Do you want to advertise to customers visiting your website?
    • Decision Intelligence: Understand the psychographic & demographic profile of potential customers of a property, not at a zip code, census block, or 5 mile radius level, but at the ACTUAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR level of real people, on or near the focus property. You define the focus area for observation & analysis
    • Competitive Intelligence: Understand your competitors properties and their customers. Target advertise to your competitors customers
  • BehaviorSynK™ Product Tiers:
    • Elevate: No annual commitment, per geographic model pricing, define your own geographic models, self-serve geo – framing, additional Data Consulting hours available on requestBehaviorScapes™ Product Tiers:
    • Base : Includes: Geo – framing only, annual commitment (1-2 YR) pricing for geographic models, 12 hours Data Consulting per month, additional Data Consulting hours available on request
    • Ascent : Includes: Geo – framing, Experian Mosaics (or, other 3rd Party Data), and CRM/POS append  with annual commitment (1-2 YR) pricing for geographic models, includes 32 hours Data Consulting per month, additional Data Consulting hours available on request
      • Discounts for Digital Advertising included
    • Summit: Includes:Geo – framing, Location Pixel on client website, Experian Mosaics, and CRM/POS append with annual commitment (1-2 YR) pricing for geographic models, includes 80 hours Data Consulting per month, additional Data Consulting hours available on request
      • Location Pixel – has one-time set-up fee
      • Discounts for Digital Advertising included
    • Digital Advertising enabled by BehaviorSynK™:
      • Standard Rates for digital advertisements are available for:
        • Display
        • Video (pre-roll / mid-roll)
        • OTT
  • How is it different from other Business Intelligence Solutions? BehaviorSynK data has a 95% confidence level.  This is because the data used to create BehaviorScape are actual observed human behavior at a household level and not statistically modelled behavior.  BehaviorSynK prioritizes observed human behavior (deterministic – customers who visit your locations ) vs. modelled behavior (probabilistic – people who look like customers that visit your locations). This is the reason BehaviorSynK data is investment grade data.  Our clients make million dollar decisions based on the accuracy and speed of delivery of BehaviorSynK insights.