Our Tech

Propertys Technology observes mobile advertising ID’s (MAIDS) within geographic boundaries (geo – framing) and their travel patterns. Propertys Technology helps you turn observations into action, faster and more accurately than your competitors.

We are a data insights organization focused on privacy compliant, ethical use of ACTUAL human behavior. Our technology  helps Propertys interpret human behavior that drives commercial real estate value. Property’s tech brings  the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to commercial real estate  decisions and digital advertising in real-time. Through our patented IP Targeting technology we discover intelligence about your locations and your customers by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide selection of real estate decision intelligence, competitor intelligence with option to leverage data for targeted advertising to drive IRR (Internal rate of return) and NPV (Net present value).

Specifically, Propertys offers:

  • BehaviorSynK – 1st Party data from observed mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) within geo – framed commercial real estate, enriched through artificial intelligence (AI) with 3rd Party data (Experian Mosaics & others)
  • Location Pixel on your website to inform location, psychographic & demographics of visitors to your site
  • IP Targeted advertising without cookies, census blocks, or geo-location tool
  • Flexibility to add conversion pixels and remarketing pixels
  • Automatic blocking of adult and low quality spam sites
  • IP Targeted video advertising
  • Speed & Accuracy of insight to action