Demographic and Psychographic Customer Journey Data

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What is BehaviorScape?

BehaviorScape is investment grade data. El Toro’s & Propertys patented human behavior data combined at scale and speed through artificial intelligence with best-in-class 3rd party data sources for demographic and psychographic insights resolved at a 95% confidence interval at a household level across the US. BehaviorScape is actual foot traffic data that informs where customers shop, travel and live inside a store and it’s competitors.

Where/How do I use BehaviorScape?

Organizations use BehaviorScape across division silos to solve complex problems collaboratively with human behavior (i.e. customers) at the center of the solution.  BehaviorScape removes siloed data as an organizational challenge.  As a result, the company’s strategy is aligned.  Understand where customers shop beyond your locations.

Can you give examples of how BehaviorScape is used?

Operations – alerts to changes in foot traffic by location.  IP Targeting for surveys of recent customer visits

Finance/Strategic Planning – geography based pricing.

Marketing – lookalike audiences for IP targeting to Top 10 zip codes based on actual foot traffic.

HR – demographic reports of employees and competitors’ employees, Targeting digital recruiting based on competitor data

Real Estate – new location prioritization based on demographics of top performing existing locations.

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