Empowering Real Estate & Marketing Professionals to make better decisions, quickly with BehaviorSynK™

Propertys.com provides non traditional, data driven services
(self service and concierge) in order to give the best depiction
of the current state reality for any commercial real estate and marketing scenario.
We cannot predict the future, but we can give the most holistic
insight into today.  We make data investment grade for decisions and activation.

Know your Data Insights

BehaviorSynK™- You have demographics, but you don’t have BehaviorSynK™!

AI driven, hyper-focused, location based, psychographic, demographic ACTUAL human behavior.
Connected behavior online and in the real world . BehaviorSynK enables a depth of actionable human intelligence through IP Targeting and beyond.

Better Decisions with BehaviorSynK™

As a Real Estate, or Marketing Professional, your success depends on fast, smart decisions. You depend on relevant, dynamic and up-to-date information to understand consumer behavior. Propertys.com provides non-traditional, data-driven services (self-service and concierge) giving you the best depiction of the current – state of reality for any commercial real estate scenario. No one can predict the future, but BehaviorSynK is the next best thing because it creates the most holistic insight into today.


Understand industrial foot traffic patterns and how freight moves throughout large industrial regions in the United states.

Multi family

Targeted digital advertising to individuals who live at competing Multifamily apartments during the time upon which there annual lease is about to expire.

Storage facility

Determine who is in – market for storage facilities. Target those seen often at a competing location.


Quick Service Restaurants thrive on food recipes, quality consistent service and turns of customers.


BehaviorScapes™ enable Propertys to determine where the residents of all types live…


Daily foot traffic and analytics of each location within a multi use facility.

Use Cases

  • What questions are you trying to answer?
  • What geographic locations are important to your CRE decisions?
  • Map out top locations and major economic influencers within a given location.
  • Future conquest analysis: prioritization schema for ranking future properties based on client top performing property metrics.
  • Understanding ‘who is in market’ from a variety of market perspectives.

Geo Framing is our patented
approach of discovering devices

Geo Framing enables BehaviorScapes to map residential addresses to respective IP addresses,
empowering clients with the knowledge of macro human behavior in real time.